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“To my mind, a picture should be something pleasant, cheerful, and pretty, yes pretty! There are too many unpleasant things in life as it is without creating still more of them.”

Dear Guys,

Here we are presenting what our artists are doing during their free and busy time. :o)

As an owner of the gallery, I really believe that art should be beautiful and absolutely agree with the words of the great French master, which I place like the motto.

My life is strongly connected to art in its all forms. I love music, literature, theatre and most of all, visual arts, maybe because I feel, that I have more possibilities to make something interesting in this field.

As for now our artists are painting with acrylic paints, drawing with ink, pastels and coloured pencils. They are also making art photos and artistic bijoux.

Who knows what future brings to them and what forms of self expression they will discover tomorrow... Unfortunately not all of them are happy enough to discover day and night. Our gallery is quite young, but hope in some years I can offer at least some of the artists such possibilities. As for now I can only show you the fruits of their labour.

Any way hope the works in presented technics are worth your attention. And if you find anything you would like to have on your own walls we’ll be happy to send it to any corner of the world, just let us know!

Best wishes,

Art4Love .pl



...And some BLOG thoughts...

Perhaps each of us has wondered at least once WHAT ART IS. There are infinite options, but most often this question is answered this way: art is a way of expressing oneself. And usually it is associated with all things spiritual. Therefore, another question arises: WHY SHOULD ART IS PURCHASED? Especially in our modern world, where practically everything – from exotic places to treasures of the past – can be seen online and online galleries are countless? This question seems senseless, at least at first sight. But let’s dig a little deeper and find some reasons for buying art online. And maybe, after the reading of this article, you decide to buy some pieces by this emerging artist… ;+)

The name is unfamed now, but who knows, maybe in some years ONLINE GALLERY BY STRYGACZOWA will be THE TRENDIEST ONE… Life is a box of chocolates.  Let’s TALK ABOUT THE REASONS:

1. Colours

The language of colours is universal and independent of the cultural and language barriers. For example, red is mostly associated with energy, rage, bravery or aggression, while blue is able to make you calmer or to concentrate, although it also has a hue of sadness. Why don’t you add some colour to your life, or at least to the place where you spend most time? Observing a colourful art piece against neutral surroundings may prove to be pleasant and help your thoughts avoid being stuck.

2. Encouragement

There are stereotypes that an artist is to be hungry and that a good artist is able to create something outstanding out of rubbish. And these stereotypes still stand strong no matter how senseless they are. Creation of art is not always enjoyable, because, just as any other work, it requires will power, time and patience, as well as good materials. And, as we all know, those are not cheap. By buying the artist’s works you encourage them to create more, and it is unknown what is more important for them – money or knowing that somebody likes their creations.

3. Genuineness

The original art, no matter to what movement it belongs, is always genuine.

First, the original piece literally carries the artist’s touch – those little moments that are seen to the artist only: from selection of materials to manner of using them. It can be compared with handwriting. You will most probably agree that a printed copy of an art piece is nothing compared to the original one and that even the copy made using the same materials, but by a different person, is an imitation and does not carry all the intended details. The real art piece is one of a kind.

4. Memory

As Shota Rustaveli said, “what you have hidden is lost, but what you have given is yours”. Many artists, some of them not even realizing it, are determined to leave their track in this world using their creations. Purchasing a piece of art gives hope that its creator will be remembered.

5. Investment

There are many stories about treasures found in most ordinary places, from basements to attics. For example, the small XIII-century painting Christ Mocked by Italian artist Cimabue was found in a house and then sold for 24,000,000 Euros. As about modern art created by young aspiring artists, you never know what is going to happen to it, so purchasing a piece by them may prove to be an efficient long-term investment. Why cannot you find a treasure created by a local artist?

6. Customization

Nowadays many artists create their pieces on a by-order basis, so you can order the plot, style, colours and details in order for the piece to fit in your environment. And, using the modern technologies (from online galleries to e-shops), it has become even easier to agree upon the time and price, so you can plan your schedule and budget and add a bit of art to your life at the same time.

All these reasons can be applied to purchasing art from my online gallery, emphasizing that the ORIGINAL AND SIGNED ART IS BOUGHT HERE. The pieces can be sent wherever you want to get them. The UPS service is operating all over the world, so all you have to do is to make your decision and letting me know.

Questions to the artist and designer:
+48 503 920 353 – 24h/7 + Viber & WhatsApp