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Spirit bottles fashion: Couture and prêt-a-porter

The additional source of self-expression


Fashion is not something that exists in dresses only. Fashion is in the sky, on the street and in spirit bottles as well, even haute couture in some of them because it’s difficult to find another name for the artwork that was blown and sculptured by two famous glass makers. Nichola Burns and Brodie Nairn created a lace-like case of crystal waves that gently embraces another part of the piece that looks like a bottle with a platinum stopper, hand-crafted by Hamilton & Inches. Previously they were working with such high jewellery and watch making brands as Patek Philippe, Rolex and Chanel.

This remarkably unusual bottle contains Bowmore 1957, the oldest Islay Single Malt Scotch whisky ever produced. It was bottled in 2011 and became one of the most exceptional Scotches from all points of view. Just 12 bottles were available and only eight for purchase, exclusively from Bowmore Distillery on Islay, for 100,000 pounds each.

The Oldest Islay Single Malt Ever Released To The Public [HD, 3D]

Black Pearl

The Black Pearl among cognacs, meaning Louis XIII Black Pearl and traditionally one of the best cognacs, is aged in ancient oak casks in limited editions. Only grapes from the Grande Champagne region (the centre of the Cognac area) were picked to be aged from 40 to 100 years. According to media, Black Pearl was made using the example of a decanter that was discovered in the Cognac region and belonged to Louis XIII. Twenty craftsmen worked together to create the sculptured bottle, which is decorated with a 24-carat rose golden neck, a crystal stopper and platinum fleur-de-lis, the emblem of the French royal house. In 2012, the original bottle of Louis XIII was sold at auction for 10,350 pounds.

Remy Martin Cognac Black Pearl Louis XIII the 4th most expensive liquor in the world

Besides haute couture luxury, there is also a prêt-a-porter movement that is not only just as creative, but also a very accessible source of self-expression. For example, back in 2002 there were some experiments with ordinary wine bottles made by Antonio Cos. His modified bottles could be used as rolling pins, vases and also as very stylish “love wine” 3D artistic pieces (my favourite).

Source: Pinterest. Love wine – bottle art – Antonio Cos,,

Source: openhaus. Vase – bottle art – Antonio Cos,,

Source: openhaus. Rolling pin – bottle art – Antonio Cos,,

The lampions, an idea proposed by Laura Beth Love (jewellery designer and creative up cycler), which charm by their romantic style and genuine simplicity, are also included in my personal favourites.

Probably the most common ideas using wine bottles are for lanterns, candle holders and garden accessories. Some of them, such as “Bottle Lanterns” by Architecture Art Designs and “Recycled Wine Bottle Planter Kit” from Keep Shopping, could warm up even the coldest areas, but a Christmas tree made from bottles is something new.

Source: Pinterest. Lampions by Laura Beth Love,,

Source: Pinterest. Bottle Lanterns by ArchitectureArtDesigns, http://www.ArchitectureArtDesigns,

Source: Pinterest. Recycled Wine Bottle Planter Kit – Bottle Garden from KeepShopping,,

Source: Pinterest. Christmas tree from empty wine bottles – from InventorSpot,,

I think these notions can be good prototypes for high fashion models. It all depends on concepts and practical realisations. Generally speaking, it doesn’t matter if you are a spirit bottle couturier or an artisan inventing designs for home use. The point is that you are creating and it makes you happy.